Twilight 2: New Moon

As i’ve read the twilight book 2: new moon, i comprehend that it focuses on the new character, and that is the werewolf in which Jacob Black belongs to. They’re not just those kind of wolves that changes during full moon but they are those that can change anytime they want, it’s what they call shape-shifters. But as for me, i’ll still settle with vampires! Blood-suckers with a different twist. I love you Edward Cullen! I love you not just because you are portrayed by Robert Pattinson but because of the story that Stephenie Meyer wrote. I’ll be waiting for Midnight Sun!


One thought on “Twilight 2: New Moon

  1. Stacy says:

    I can’t wait for the new movie to release! I’ve been hooked since I first read the book. I finally got my hands on a free pair of New Moon tickets to the release that isn’t for another 2 months. =)

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