When It Rains

And when it rains
On this side of town it touches, everything
Just say it again and mean it
We don’t miss a thing
You made yourself a bed
At the bottom of the blackest hole (blackest hole)
And convinced yourself that
It’s not the reason you don’t see the sun anymore

And oh, oh, how could you do it?
Oh I, I never saw it coming
Oh, oh, I need the ending
So why can’t you stay
Just long enough to explain?

The song is from Paramore, “When it Rains”… So very timely. Right now it is raining. Obviously. The sky is dark. Everything feels like it is so gloomy. I also feel kinda sleepy and idle. It’s so cold, okay, just cold enough to make you feel it. I don’t hate the rain. It just gives me this feeling of loneliness, of dullness…

But still, i’m thanking God that He’s made the rain to comfort each of our “Broken Hearts”.

Melody Mular


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