All alone

So it was again only me in the the house. Of course i’m not counting our pets. If i’ll be counting, there will be me plus a dog, and four cats. So that makes it six in the house. Okay.

My internet won’t work and that makes me exasperated. I’ve got so many posts to publish! Not so exaggerating, okay. I only got about five articles.

I slept so late last night, thanks to the noisy radio of my neighbor. Ugh! I wonder why they’re making so much effort just to annoy their neighbors, or is just us?! I thinks it’s already two in the morning when i had fallen asleep, not knowing it actually. My eyes were really aching by that time. I had just finished reading chapter 22 of Twilight book 4: Breaking Dawn by that time and i’m having so much effort to get to sleep and then what?… They’re ruining it. I wish their radio will malfunction. Haha! Bad!

I’m still a bit sleepy but… Okay.. I’ll just finish this one and then publish it and then go back to sleep. Hope that i’ll dream of something good…

God bless!
Melody J. Mular


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