It’s Over

Secondhand Serenade’s It’s Over is what i’m listening to at the moment. I’m not an emo but i can’t help to feel what the song is trying to let me feel.

My tears run downlike
razor blades…
I’m falling apart.
You’re breaking my heart.
It’s not over.
It’s never over.
Why is it over?

Yeah.. Heart break. Still. I think i’ve said for the nth time that i’m so over it! But still, I’M NOT! Especially when everything that i’m turning into reminds me of him.

Take note: EX-Boyfriend no. 2 hurts me the most. I’m hurt not because i still love him BUT because i’m still the one with grudge for him. HE LEFT ME!

(if you can’t understand what i’m saying, please read my other post entitled “Why i Don’t Have A Boyfriend… RIGHT NOW?!)

I still can’t take away the hurt that i’m feeling for him.

I’m left without any notice.
Okay. Maybe someday i might forget about him. I’ll be waiting for that day…. unconsciously.
Haha. Am i now an emo?!

God bless!
Melody J. Mular


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