Twilight, i mean the first book of the Twilight Saga is all about the first sight of Edward and Bella for each other and how they began to fall in love together. It’s so entertaining to read especially on how Stephenie Meyer puts into a piece a vampire and an ordinary girl (okay, an accident prone girl).

The story goes until Bella was being tracked by a vampire named James. But this vampire was late on killed by Edward with the help of Jasper and Alice to protect Bella.

I still hadn’t seen the movie. Honestly! I think that i’m the last human on Earth that hadn’t seen Twilight. But.. I’d seen the trailer. (hanggang trailer na lang ako.Huhu…) There’s someone who promised me that we’ll watch Twilight but it didn’t happen… (Exboyfriend no. 2 again…).

But i really did enjoy reading the book. Actually, i is an Ebook that i had downloaded from a site. I didn’t expect that it’ll work. Ha! Good thing it worked!

God bless!
Melody J. Mular


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