i’m still listening to Secondhand Serenade’s song. It’s in a playlist so i won’t bother to change the way it is played. Alphabetical. Yeah right.

It’s kinda like their other song “Your Call”… Kinda same tune or maybe lyrics.

tell me, tell me
what makes you think
that you are invincible…

I was born to tell
you i love you
isn’t that a song already…

Well, this song relieved me from feeling so hurt. Okay. Maybe not. Sometimes i’m just thinking that this life is just a dream. Ugh… What a foolish thought! Right?


Okay. That’s enough. It’s still raining now. The weather report said that it’s now a storm. Labuyo is the name.. (Parang Siling Labuyo lang?Haha…)

That’s all folks!
Melody J. Mular


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