Twilight 3: Eclipse

Twilight 3: Eclipse is all about Bella graduating from high school and is also about Victoria’s revenge against her.

It is said in the first part that there had been numerous murdering going in Seattle but it’s really Victoria’s fault. She’d created newborn vampires to help her destroy Bella.

In this book, the Vampires and Werewolves joined forces to destroy the newborns including Victoria. The werewolves helped because they wanted to protect Bella, or it was just Jacob i supposed.

Bella and Jacob made their first and their last kiss in this book. Jacob just forced Bella on their first kiss while the second kiss was requested by Bella while their at the mountain to stop Jacob from leaving her.

Seth became close with Edward because he helped him destroy Victoria. Gross. They beheaded her. But Bella didn’t feel terrified to Edward, she is really worried about him fighting for her, defending her against Victoria’s revenge.

After their fight with Victoria, the five of the Volturi came, lead by Jane, but they just have to destroy one newborn left, Bree. They didn’t know that the werewolves helped the Cullens. It is a secret.

I suppose i needed to read the book again. Using a real book, i just read it’s ebook version from my cellphone. There are some arrangement problem with the chapters and i’m thinking that i’d missed a chapter. Rosalie’s part there was repeated thrice, so i just jumped to the next chapter. It was good to read how Rosalie’s story went. It’s a sad love story though. And she’s the only one, not including Edward, who is against Bella becoming one of them. She really wanted to be human, if possible and bear a child.

The book ended using Jacob’s point of view. He was broken hearted because of Bella.. of course. She’s told him that she’ll be a vampire in a few more weeks. Jacob was injured by a vampire, saving Leah from it actually. Carlisle treated him but he later on decided to get away from his problem and begin to live as a werewolf, wandering alone, forgetting about his heartache.

Melody J. Mular


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