My Sunday at the Church

I enjoyed being at the Church today. I attended the Youth Service and then i attended the Evening Service. I thought at first that i won’t be able to do that. Tardiness. Is that it?

We had a sharing in the Youth Service. We shared how God blesses us every day. Of course i told them that i am thanking God because i’m still alive and i’m breathing. Hallelujah. It’s such a blessing! We should thank God for every breath, heartbeat, and everything that’s going on in our system. We later on prayed for each other and for the other Church members that we’re recently inactive. I’m thinking it’s for me too. 🙂

The Evening Service went well. The Pastor tackled Hebrews 11:1-3. Faith is what he’d discussed for us. Later on, we were given a Bible Calendar for our Bible reading… And it’ll be starting tomorrow! Exciting! We, youth, are supposed to read 3 chapters a day, minimum. We’ll mark it on the calendar for later on checking by the Pastors. We’ll be reading the New Testament and finish it. I’ll pray i will. 🙂 of course i will!

And it will be Monday…. So happy… 🙂

Great Thanks Jesus!

Melody J. Mular


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