Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn

I’m not yet through with this book but i’m about to finish, only about 15% to go.

I’m now on the part where Alistair decided to leave the Cullens and the other vampires are going to help them prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child, not as dangerous as they think she is.

At first, i find it hard to read because it is divided into 3 Parts. First is Bella’s then Jacob’s then Bella again. But i understood as i read on.

Bella and Edward had their honeymoon at Isle Esme at the South and that’s when they made Renesmee unknowingly. Who would have thought that a vampire plus a human can make another one? Well, it’s just fiction. Then, Jacob took care of Bella when they went back to Forks. The fetus just grew for a month. Jacob separated from Sam’s pack to protect Bella against his plans. Seth and Leah joined him. It was just Seth at first, but Leah joined in to look after her brother and to get away from her ex-boyfriend-turned-werewolf. The imprinting thing happened while Bella is undergoing her transformation to become a vampire. Jacob just saw Renesmee and that’s it! Jacob became Bella’s son-in-law! A part of the family. I wonder how their child will be…. 😦

It’s really good to finish the book first. Right? So, i’ll just continue this after that. Haha.

Melody J. Mular


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