Book: best describes me

The inanimate object that best represents my personality is a book. It’s a book that is about my life which is just hidden in a shelf, neat but not dusty. There are so many books printed all over the world, some are loved by readers so much and were even made into films, but mine is just there at a corner. That book bears all of me, all that i am. And once a person get to read that book, he’ll surely get to know me. In person, i’m really a solitary person but i’m always welcome for companionship. Once a person become part of my life, he’ll surely have a big role in my story. I value every person who enters my life. That book will be the witness of whom i really am and that’s how i’m going to grow. Those who read that book will surely judge its contents. I don’t worry how they will react about what were written there because that is how i have been written.

Melody J. Mular

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