Lizzie: i’m thankful i have you

i have been writing in my journal for almost six years now. I started writing since i’m in 2nd year high school and i’m continuing it until now. In fact, i even named her Lizzie.. Like when i’m writing…

Dear Lizzie,….

I’m bored with writing Dear Diary, very blasé… super common. I think, almost every one writing in their diary uses that greeting.

I’m so thankful to God that He’d let me write something about my life. Some of my experiences in school, in Church, in the house… with my friends, my parents, my… heartaches… I’ve been loved, and been hurt… I’ve written there some, if not all.

Sometimes i’m too tired to write so i’ll just write a note of the most important event, and when i’m interested to write again, i’ll describe in detail all my experiences.

I wrote alot when i’m inspired… when my “crush” and i did something together. But that was so long ago. I don’t have a crush right now so i’m not having an effort to write even one word.

I don’t know why but i think there’s a purpose why i’m writing all those stuff. I even dreamed to be a writer someday but i know it’s quite impossible. Surely, i’ll enjoy reading my journal entries when i get old.

I know that there’s alot more experiences to write. Alot better than my entries before, although i really think that they’re so worth remembering. Alot of characters were involved. They deserve to be casted in my diary. They let me experience those moments so that’s why.

By now, i’m already keeping almost four notebooks of my journal, one of those is almost three notebooks thick. I’m now heading for my fifth one.

Each Life is a story written by God. He has a unique happy ending intended only for us.

Melody J. Mular


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