Taylor Swift’s moment with Kanye

Ok. It’s so uncool for Kanye West to interrupt Taylor Swift’s most memorable moment. It happened to be really a memorable moment but is also an embarrassing moment.

For me, Kanye deserves a slap on his face! Give it to him Taylor if you can! Got to tell those reeking guys what we’re really are! Girl Power!

You deserve the award Taylor!
Good luck!

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Melody J. Mular


One thought on “Taylor Swift’s moment with Kanye

  1. drtombibey says:

    I’m an old bluegrass guy, and know little of Taylor Swift’s music. I became a fan of hers just from the way she handled the situation. What kind of old fool would go and wreck such a special night for the young lady? I have a daughter about that age and I sure woulda been upset if it’d been my child. I don’t know the kid, but it bothered me.

    Dr. Tom Bibey


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