by Sophie Kinsella


*Alexia “Lexi” Smart-Gardiner
*Barbara Smart
*Amy Smart
*David “Loser Dave”
*Eric Gardiner
*Fiona “Fi” Roper


Lexi just got into an accident and all she remembers is the night she went clubbing with her friends, the night before her father’s funeral. She’s been called snaggletoothed or snagglehair at school, isn’t it obvious why? She’s awaken in an hospital bed, forgetting everything that had happened three years ago. Way back 2004, that’s all she can remember. It’s dated 2007 now.

As the story goes, she meets people which she thought that she’s seen for the first time, except of course for her mother and sister. The worst is that she can’t remember her husband. She’s so amazed how her life had gone during the past three years. They told her that she’s been in a Tv business game show, Ambition, and that’s where she met Eric. And then things became complicated when Jon came in the scene, telling Lexi that he’s her lover, that they were so in love and she’s ready to leave Eric for him. All these stuff makes her head ache. She begins to find that her friends hate her because she now happens to be the Flooring Director of the Deller Carpets. She’s been called bitch-boss-from-hell, cobra, snake… So many things that she never thought that she became for the past three years… And she wanted to bring back the “old Lexi”. She wanted to gain back her friends, not until things became worst at the Deller Carpets. The management wanted to disband the Flooring department and Lexi is not letting it happen.

Apart from the problem with her friends, she’s also trying to pick up the missing pieces of her memory with Eric and Jon. Eric has always been so businesslike and life with him feels so boring now. Yes he’s rich, but Lexi feels that living with him is like living in a world where everything needs to be in order, loft-style living… that’s what Eric was always saying. With Jon, she’s seen her “old self” when at first she doubts if he’s just a womanizer playing on her, taking advantage of her amnesia.

Later in the story, she’s decided to leave Eric and find an apartment just near to her own company. She’s bought the rights for Deller Carpets and is now running it along with her friends. Her sister, Amy, has now changed for the better and has gotten a job.

It was October, Christmas is in the air, when she goes shopping for gifts and a woman talked to her that she remembers her buying a shirt and looked like so in love. Lexi knew that it was Jon she’s so in love with so she bought the green shirt and ride on a taxi to Jon’s apartment. It’s been three months already since they last saw each other. She hums a tune while on the way and she knew that it was a familiar tune that she and Jon know. And so it was… She may not remember anything more, but maybe slowly she will… with Jon.

You’d trust Jon with your life.
-Eric to Lexi


The story was narrated on a first person. It was Lexi, and as i was reading, i felt like i was her. I felt how it was like to experience amnesia. It was like she’s changed from ugly duckling to a swan princess. A search for a loss memory is the main problem and it branches off into so many other branches like her friendship with Fi, Carolyn, and Debs; her secret affair with Jon; and even how she turned into someone she doesn’t really expect her to be– the bitch-boss-from-hell. The story was clear: even though i asked so many questions as i was reading the story, it’s normal (right?). I read this story for the first time and i thought that Lexi and Eric really do have a happy married life not until Jon entered the picture. And even though it was told that Rosalie warned Lexi that Jon was just a womanizer pestering them, i knew that Lexi and Jon were really the love team in the story. They just don’t have this passionate love scene (parental guidance needed?), not until the ending came. And, oh! That Mont Blanc thing! Is it true? Oh, no… It can’t be.. It really is it like that? I understand why Lexi disliked it, hmmm.. maybe with Jon will do! i just wonder whether this story will be made into a movie. If it will be, then it’ll really be a big hit and will surely be my favorite!

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