What I Did For Love

by Susan Elizabeth Philips


Georgina York and Bramwell Shepard were both from Skip and Scooter program not until the show ended because of Bram’s attitude. Between the age of fifteen to twenty three, they’ve been doing the show, but Bram became an alcoholic, a smoker, and also a drug addict. He even got a sex tape with one of his women. At that time, Georgie’s Scooter character is very much likely her in real life. She’s been loved by people so much because they’re both good girls in camera and in reality.

But that scene is now long gone. Georgie had onced been married to Lance Marks, the action-adventure superstar of the town. But they later divorced because Lance “realized” that she wanted Jade Gentry, the do-gooder best actress, as his wife. This caused Georgie so much heartache. The paparazzi don’t want to leave her and were even wanting to get her opinion about Jade’s being pregnant. And so she ran away from the paps and that’s where her life and Bram’s life got mixed up.

She wanted to relaxed and so she had to meet up with her friend, Sasha, but it ended up that Sasha got to go somewhere more important. That’s when she spent her time alone in Las Vegas, that’s what she think. She met Bram by accident and they went to a party, too. Accidentally, they’ve made love and ended up getting married without knowing how.

Georgie lived at Bram’s house for about two months and with that time frame, she discovered that so many things has changed with him. They became closer with each other and Georgie realized that she’s in love with Bram. That’s not all, there’s also the moment when Lance and Jade came to their house just when they have this SARS virus but it’s not yet confirmed so they’ve been quarantined at Bram’s house for two days without going outside. Along with them were Georgie’s father, Paul York; Laura Moody; Rory Keene; Meg Koranda; Chaz, Bram’s all around cook; and Aaron, Georgie’s personal assistant. By that time, Bram convinced Rory to produce the story Tree House, with him at the lead role.

They hold a wedding party with Skip and Scooter as their theme. Things were looking good not until they went home. Georgie confessed her love for Bram but Bram just told her that she’s just a best friend for him. That made Georgie feel so miserable. She went away and didn’t let Bram know where she is, only her friends and her father. At that time, she knew that Bram has finally got the lead actor’s role and another actress got the role for Helene.

Bram was trying to convince Georgie to come with him but then, he realized that Georgie must have time to settle everything that has happened to them. One day, Aaron called her saying Chaz is sick. Because they’ve been close enough, she quickly went to Bram’s house to take care of Chaz. Bram was there and he dragged her to the Ivy to tell their story to the Press people, that their marriage was just an accident and that neither of them love each other. And then they went back home and Bram let Georgie watch a film which Bram made himself. It was a Love Letter according to him. The short film was set in a cemetery where Bram was standing beside dead Georgie’s coffin. Also in the film were her Dad and Chaz and Aaron and her other friends. There were two kids, a girl and a boy, which were supposed to be their kid when she’s been alive. Georgie was touched and now accepted Bram’s apology. They arranged a real wedding, a simple wedding at the beach.

In the epilogue, their daughter Iris York Shephard was featured. It was their fifth anniversary and it was said that their Iris has gotten her mother’s talent and her father’s naughtiness.

And that’s the best reunion show ever of Skip and Scooter, according to Georgie.


This was a great love story. It shows how the life to actors and actresses alike are going on, their love life to be exact. Georgie’s journey to find her true love ended up with Bram, her childhood love, but that’s just a secret. It also tells us to decide our own life, just like what Georgie did. She had been an actress all her life because of her father’s pursuance but later on she discovered that film making is what she really like. As for Bram, he’s been a good role model because it’s been implied that bad people can change for the better, right? Happy ending is just a conversation away… As i’ve said, this is a love story so don’t be surprised when you read some love scenes. Gotcha! i love this. It’s just like i’ve watched a movie: Cameron Diaz as Georgina York and Brad Pitt as Bramwell Shepard.

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