Jesus Calms the Storm

It rained so hard this afternoon. Maybe it was caused by so much heat, it’s really hot in the morning and so that’s why. I really don’t like heavy rains, especially when there’s thunder and lightning already. To shorten my history of why-i-hate-storms, it’s just because when i was younger, 10 or 12 maybe, a super typhoon (named Senyang) hit the country and got our houses to flood and cause the classes to close for a while. That’s it.

We must not be afraid if a storm is hitting our place. There is a story in the Bible telling about how Jesus calms the storm. And i included it in the list of “My Favorite Bible Stories”.

A Storm
Luke 8:22-25

22 One day, Jesus and his disciples got into a boat, and he said, “Let’s cross the lake.” They started out, 23 and while they were sailing across, he went to sleep.
Suddenly a storm struck the lake, and the boat started sinking. They were in danger. 24 So they went to Jesus and wolf him up, “Master, Master! We are about to drown!”
Jesus got up and ordered the wind and water to stop. They obeyed, and everything was calm. 25 Then Jesus asked the disciples, “Don’t you have any faith?”

But they were frightened and amazed. They said to each other, “Who is this? He can give orders to the wind and the waves, and they obey him!”

Truly, with Jesus all things are possible! (Matthew 19:26). Let’s just let Him in our life and He’ll calm the “storms” we’re facing.

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