Sorority Life♥

Sorority Life gets better and better each time you complete a level. Leveling up requires earning Influence Points (IP’s). This article will give you several strategies on how to do that faster! I’m currently at level 43, but I play often and will be updating this article as needed.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:

* A Facebook or MySpace account
* A Sorority Life account
* Some time!

Step 1
Stage a Musical Production

Stage a Musical Production

I’m not much of a fighter (just not my style), so my favorite way to earn IP’s is to socialize! I am currently on level 43 and the most tempting of the events I can organize is the “Homecoming Formal,” which gives up 140 IP’s with each event. However, it also requires 74 energy points. That’s a hefty portion of my available energy! One of the most effective uses of your energy, as long as you have plenty of sisters, is the “Stage a Musical Production” event. Each time you organize the event, the amount of IP’s it pays increases. At 40% of the way to platinum (where I’m currently at because I only have 33 sisters), I can earn 32 IP’s for only 6 energy points.
Step 2
Letters in the Sand Event

Letters in the Sand Event

However, my favorite way to earn IP’s is by organizing the “Letters in the Sand” event on Campus. It only uses 3 energy points and, if you earn at least 5,000 points on the game (which I do most of the time), you get 20 IP’s! If you played this 24 times, you would use 72 energy points (a little less than the “Homecoming Formal”) and could earn 480 IP’s!! The only downfall of this event is that it doesn’t matter how many times you play it, you never achieve a new level of expertise. In other words, you don’t go from bronze to silver to gold, etc. You usually earn money or brownie points for reaching a new level of expertise, so make sure to organize other events from time to time as well.
Step 3
My Current Look

My Current Look

Fighting is the only other way to earn IP’s. I do use this option occasionally when I only need a small amount of IP’s to reach the next level and I don’t have any energy points available. One strategy I use (and I’m sure a lot of girls have plenty of other strategies, so see other articles on how to fight if you so desire) is to attack someone who has just attacked me and I won the fight. This usually means that I’m capable of winning the fight, so I know I’ll get IP’s from the attack. Another option is to go to the “fight” tab and choose someone with a small number of sisters. I feel bad doing this because I know that’s why I get attacked so often! But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?


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