A Special Day

Every day s a special day. We must thank God for each day He has been giving us to live. Each day is a blessing.
The 10th of April is my birthday and i m so glad to share that day along with Mandy Moore (a singer/actress celebrity). Oh, and we re both named with M s. Nothingness. Just want to think about something worth writing for.
But this day is also significant not just because i m celebrating my day, but also because it s the burial day of my elementary friend and classmate, Madelle G. Barro.
She d been a dependable friend, a very sweet girl, had a pretty innocent face… yet, her time to go back to God s loving arms had come.
I remember, almost two years ago, when i have gone home and have her sat next to me in the jeepney. I didn t notice her at once and was even thinking twice if it was her or just someone who looks like her. And it was her… Looking like before.. has grown much prettier… But it was two years ago and it can t be brought back.
In God s perfect time, we ll all be coming back to Him… Give back the Breath of Life He has lent us.
**this post is dedicated to Madelle G. Barro., R.I.P.


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