Book Review: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

The story began on a summer trip going to Wilmington, North Carolina with Ronnie, and Jonah in a car that their mother have been driving just to drop them off to spend their summer with their dad. Ronnie doesn’t really want to stay there for the fact that she wasn’t in good terms with her dad. She even quitted playing the piano, their father-daughter activity. The reason is that their dad left them a year or two ago. Their parents had divorced and the children are left with Kim.

When she arrived at the place, she wonders around just to stay away from her dad until she bumped into this gorgeous young man who played volleyball that spilled her soda on her shirt. It wasn’t really a good moment to meet someone like that but it happened again with her first friend, who calls herself Blaze. This girl helped her spend her time at the beach but it didn’t went well, especially when Marcus and his two friends are doing their thing with fire. It’s like they like fire so much. Making it into fireballs and juggle them to entertain people and make money.

Ok. So Ronnie spent her time with them but Marcus became interested on her and Blaze didn’t like that so she set up a plan, Ronnie looked like she stole ve that sent Ronnie on court. It wasn’t good at all especially when she has got shoplifting cases before, but those are all have acquitted.

So she hasn’t got any more friends. That’s when Will became close to her when she discovered a loggerhead’s nest at their backyard, and that’s also when she’s beginning to talk to her dad without beginning a fight. At first, Ronnie wasn’t really liking him, thinking that it’s just a summer fling. But to Will, it’s a serious thing. He had a two-year girlfriend, Ashley, but he find Ronnie so different from her. He finds her tough and soft at the same time.

They spend their time, fishing and visiting the Aquarium, mudding, guarding the turtle’s nest, and have attended Will’s sister’s wedding, although Marcus has caused another trouble there.

By that time, they cooled off because Ronnie thinks that it’s better for them to be apart because eventually, by the end of summer, Will is going to Vanderbilt to go to college.

The day after the wedding is the volleyball competition and Will can’t concentrate because of what happened between them. But later that day, Ronnie came and made everything ok again. But something went wrong with Marcus’s acts, bringing Blaze into fire. They sent her to the hospital which made her tell the truth that it was her who put the Cd’s into Ronnie’s bag.

When it was time for the turtle eggs to hatch, a lot of people went to see it happen. After that, Ronnie’s dad had been sent to the hospital and that’s when the children found out that their dad is suffering from cancer.

Will has left Ronnie to go to Vanderbilt just like what his parents want. Ronnie’s brother, Jonah, went back to New York because their mother was really supposed to get them back by the end of Summer but Ronnie stayed. She stayed, knowing that he needed him now.

I was really moved by this story. Tears keep flowing as I read the lines that described how much Ronnie feels about his dad,three years they’ve been apart, and they just recently get well along. But in spite Ronnie’s effort of taking care of him, he died one winter day. But before he died, Ronnie knew that he was happy, because she had finished their last song together. 🙂


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