Book Review: Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella

Emma Corrigan, a marketing assistant at the Panther Cola Company was sent to Scotland to have a meeting with one of their company’s business partner. Wanting to be promoted and make her parents proud of her, she, however, messed up the whole event. When she’s about to go back to London, she was secretly upgraded by the stewardess to take the business class flight. There he sat with a guy whom she thinks is uninterested with her. When suddenly, the plane met a disturbance and was likely to crash. She was panicking so much that she blurted out all her secrets to him, from what had happened on her meeting to her deeply hidden secrets about her sex life with her boyfriend, Connor. All of those things, which she didn’t think will come out, was told to this one guy, whom she thinks, she will never meet ever again.

She’s suprised when she say this man, and was even more suprised when she finds out that this man, Jack Harper, is the owner of the company she’s working for. Every now and then, she is summoned to speak with him. They agreed to keep their secrets together and eventually got even more special to each other. Emma’s boyfriend also works for Panther, and is really excited to meet Jack, wanting to give his best efforts for the company, he is on the Research Department. Emma broke up with him and he is suspecting that she has another man, and he keeps guessing who it is until Jack is interviewed on TV. Who along his interview about Panther’s target market, he got to described and tell the secrets that Emma has told him on the plane. Their relationship was known and everyone in the company verifies if it is really her. Not even in the company, but so as her family and her flatmates have watched the interview. She thinks that all the people in the world already know her secrets. It has brought her alot of stress so she went home early. Jack apologizes, as she wonders how he could have remembered all those things, every detail that she had said to him. And he told her that he ‘was gripped’ by her. They never talked about love but it was the words that meant alot, especially it came from him. He told her that everyone who teases her, he will fire. But that doesn’t end there. Because Emma’s flat mates, Jemimah and Lissy keep on planning how to revenge on Jack. They keep on thinking if he ever has one secret that can ruin him and avenge on what he has done to their friend. Emma asked them to stop but Jemimah didn’t keep her promise and at Lissy’s recital concert, she has brought a tabloid reporter to interview Emma. Jack sees them and walked out when he thinks that Emma’s giving away his secret.

Before the day ended, Jack went back to the auditorium and has forgiven Emma. She told him that she’s not told them why he really is at Scotland that day. And so, he told her even more funny secrets about him and they were together again at the end of the day.

This is a funny romantic novel. Knowing that the protagonist is a trying hard marketing employee who hopes for a promoting, she represents almost all other real life office people. Of course, each of us has secrets which only one or two people know, but there are some who we just wanted to keep to ourselves. Finding true love through honesty and being true to oneself was what happened here in this story. I enjoyed reading it and it took me just about two or three days to finish it. Of course i needed to do my chores first. 🙂


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