Book Review: Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

Main Characters:

.Elizabeth “Lizzie” Nichols
.Jean-Luc “Luke” de Villiers
.Shari Dennis
.Charles “Chaz” Pendergast the Third
.Andrew “Andy” Marshall


Queen of Babble tells the story of young Fashion History “graduate”, Lizzie Nichols. She went to England to reunite with her boyfriend who turns out to be a government fraud, which she doesn’t like. So, she goes away to France to be with her friends, Shari and Chaz. While on her way, she sat by a man whom which she told her experiences with her past boyfriends and the you-know-what thing she wanted back, thinking she’ll never see this stranger anymore. But just as she got off at her stop, this stranger admits that he’s her host, Luke.

Luke turns up to have a girlfriend, Dominique, who spends alot of money for her glams. She helps prepare for the wedding, and as Monsieur de Villiers showed her his vineyard, she gets to like the place, Chateau Mirac. He was praised by Luke’s father on how she loves vintage clothes that’s why look gets to show her to the attic where she then finds a stained long dress that has been wrapped for a hunting rifle. She refurbished it and was glad she did it.

Right before the wedding day happen, the bride, Luke’s cousin Victoria, had a problem with her gown. It got alot of laces, it’s as if she was just covered with laces. Lizzie, who have been heard to be good in sewing, was asked to make it look better. She did her best, but then in the morning when Vicky came, she was so happy that she has found the Givenchi gown and the bride chose this over the other one. It turns out to be that that gown was Luke’s mother’s. And because of that, Luke’s dad and mom became ok again together.

Right after the wedding, when it was time for the band to play, the lead singer was no where to be found, and later then was known who runaway with Luke’s ex-girlfriend. That’s the reason why Lizzie and Luke got to be together.

This story goes like the way Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret?. Both protagonist have met a stranger to whom they tell their life’s secrets. And both ends up being together with the man they met.

My next review will be about Queen of Babble’s sequel, Queen of Babble in The Big City. 🙂


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