Book Review: Queen of Babble In the Big City by Meg Cabot

The story unfolds as bestfriends Lizzie and Shari were looking for an apartment to live in New York. Later then, Lizzie was asked by her boyfriend, Luke, to live with him at his mom’s apartment in Fifth Avenue. That’s why Shari get to live with his boyfriend, Chaz.

Things were not going fine with Lizzie’s job hunting. She was always rejected on her application, or do not ever get a call from them either. As she wanders along the streets of New York hoping to find a job that will make her a certified Wedding-gown Specialist, she ends up working with Monsieur Henri… FOR FREE! She is later then hired as a receptionist at the Pendergast, Loughlin and Flynn firm with the help of Chaz.

Her work is being a receptionist in the morning til two in the afternoon and be at Monsieur Henri’s after that. Luke is also busy at his studies that’s why she’s making herself busy with her jobs. When she’s alone at the apartment, she gets to hear a man calling for Luke’s mom, thinking it is a lover of her. She didn’t say anything to Luke about it.

Things got bad when she found out that her bestfriend is a lesbian, or a bi. Shari broke up with Chaz and getting to live with her boss, Pat.

Thanksgiving day passed by without her to celebrate. So there’s only Lizzie, Luke, Luke’s parents, Lizzie’s co-receptionist Tiffany and her boyfriend Raoul, and the heartbroken Chaz.

Lizzie gets to have her somewhat big break when she met Jill Higgins at the Ladies’ room. She knew that she’s worrying about her wedding gown. It must be the wedding of the year. So, Lizzie encourages her to bring the gown to her to be refurbished.

Lizzie was warned by the firms HR head, Roberta, when it was published that she was working with Jill, saying that they’re keeping their clients privacy.

On Christmas Eve, she’s so excited to unwrap Luke’s gift for her, thinking it is an engagement ring, only wrapped box within a box. But she became so upset to find out it was just a sewing machine, a replacement for the one Luke’s father has broken during their stay in New York. She’s so upset that she packed all her things and stayed with Shari and her girlfriend. It was just the perfect timing when she was fired at the second time she was on paper. She was finish with Jill’s gown by that time and Mr. and Mrs. Henri were so proud of her. When she arrived at the shop, she demands that her benefits must be given to her. The Henri’s agreed. And so she gets to occupy the upper room above the shop. Luke went back to France at that time to spend the holiday with his parents.

On New Year’s eve, which is also Jill’s wedding day, Lizzie attended the event with Chaz as her escort. They celebrate their New Year’s eve there, both heartbroken. She gets to catch the bouquet Jill threw and said she’ll be the next bride. Both Lizzie and Chaz gets drunk and ending up sleeping at her place. All she remembers is that they kiss and nothing more to that has happened. But there’s been a proposal that within a week, if they’re still willing to be together, then they’ll be.

But on the morning of New Year’s day, Lizzie is awaken by the loud knocking on the door. She’s still on her gown while Chaz is snoring beside her. She’s suprised to find that it was Luke, not even wanting to let him in. He explained that he’s wrong to say the things he said on the night they broke up. And that his mother has no lover, it was her surgeon. After so many speeches, he gets something from his pocket, and knelt down. He proposed to her while outside the shop.

Isn’t it romantic? But also head cracking. Imagine, Lizzie’s bestfriend’s ex-boyfriend, her boyfriend’s bestfriend is upstairs while her boyfriend is proposing to her outside! Oh my! The Queen of Babble really is having fun at the big city. So what will happen now? Is she going to get hitched? Having the perfect job, living in the big city, and having the perfect boyfriend is really a life almost all girls dreamt of having. Of course, i’m no exception! 🙂


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