Book Review: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot

“…the girl i’ve finally realized i’ve always been in love with… who i was beginning to think just might love me back, turned around and got herself engaged to my best friend who, frankly, doesn’t deserve her…”

After being engaged to Luke on New Year’s day, Lizzie is haunted by Chaz’s words that she’d done something wrong, and so as her other friends and even Grandma do so disagree.

She is left to manage Chez Henri alone, forcing her to hire people to help her, that includes Tiffany, her co-receptionist at the Pendergast, Loughlin, and Flynn. She has worked on Ava Geck’s wedding gown, though unfortunately has been called off, and became friends but because of the paparazzi-thing, she has been angry on Lizzie.

Six months later, she still can’t believe herself so confused between her fiance, who was she’s engaged with and his best friend, who doesn’t believe in marriage, saying it’s just a piece of paper. Luke has to go back to France and work for his uncle, leaving Lizzie with her friends. On the night of the Fourth of July, as she was speaking with Chaz about their feelings, her Mom had called saying that Grandma had died. This leaves poor Lizzie so emotionally stressed. On the first night back in Ann Arbor, Chaz came to comfort her on grief about her Grandma’s death. That’s a plus point for him because Luke doesn’t even bother to fly back and console her. Because of so many things that has happened between her and Chaz, she has decided to do the right thing. She loves him, and he loves her. But she can’t tell Luke about it. Although everyone else knows already, especially Late Grandma’s approving of their relationship. Even Chaz’s ex-girlfriend and her best friend, Shari knows all about their relationship. But what’s frankly worrying everybody is that Lizzie still doesn’t break up with Luke, although they said they had had a break when Luke went to France.

When Lizzie went back to work after her Grandma’s funeral, four days after, she’s so suprised to find out that the Henri’s have planned to sell the whole building and go back to Provence. Does this leaves her jobless again, nowhere to live, and having an unsuccessful career? Well, no of course. She talked about it first with Shari who made her upset by thinking she has already thought she told Luke of their break up. Then, it was Luke’s turn to call her and telling her to go to France and start her business there, but he told him she’ll still think about it as she sees Chaz approaching her in front of Vera Wang’s flagship store. And remembers Ava Geck once again and calls at her to begin her business offer with the Geck’s. So, Chaz went with her and with Ava’s suggestions, they had closed the deal with Ava’s dad, making affordable wedding gowns and other wedding dresses for bridesmaids and other wedding attendees.

After coming from the meeting with Ava’s dad that night, she’s surprised to find that the lights of her apartment were on, only to see Luke, which should be in France. He said he wanted to personally comfort her of her job loss (but has hasn’t come when her Grandma died, right?). Well, that night, Lizzie finally broke up with him. But he told her to keep the ring. Their break up has been so easy, and that made her suspecting. So when he called for Chaz to come right after Luke has left, Chaz has told her about Luke’s back stabbing her with some girls from his class. And as he told her this, and confirms when he calls Luke, she realized she doesn’t feel angry on him or anything. So that leaves her and Chaz freely together.

Lizzie has decided that she can maybe buy the Henri’s building and pay them within five years, and they agreed, saving her employees and having her own LiZzie Nichols Designs shop.

After six months, the story unfolds at Tiffany’s wedding with his boyfriend Raoul, even if she were four months pregnant at that time. When the wedding was done, Chaz shows Lizzie an envelope where a paper on What You Need To Know to Apply for a Marriage License is enclosed. They decided to marry at a later time which only the both of them knows, they’ll just tell the others when they ask. And for Luke, maybe after two years, according to Charles Pendergast the Third.


Wow. I finally get to read the third sequel of the Queen of Babble! The story got my mind really thinking hard. Was Lizzie really so bad on the Bad Girl Scale? Is Chaz really in love with her? Is it true that Luke is too good, too perfect to be the right guy for her? Well, i thought that things will work out between Lizzie and Luke but that’s the way Meg Cabot has written it. But i’m satisfied with the story because Lizzie was justified by the fact that Luke cheated on her. Well, that really sucks. And yet, Chaz is still there for her, although he didn’t tell Lizzie all Luke’s foul in the beginning, which is just other girls. He wanted Lizzie to realize that it is him whom she love, without any furthermore reason, not just because Luke cheated on her. In the end, it is revealed that Chaz doesn’t really hate the thought of marriage, it is just the wedding. And i’m happy for the both of them, really. And now, i wanted to get back what i have written about finding someone like Luke on my post on my review of Queen of Babble In The Big City. Ok, i’ll get it back. Ha ha. I wanted someone who’ll gonna give me beard burn just like what Lizzie got from Chaz… kidding! I want someone who will persevere to make me want to realize that his love for me is real and will show me and let me feel that i love him, too. How touching! Sweet. 🙂


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