First Philippine Automated Election

I voted for the first time this May 10, 2010. It was hard to wake up because i’m really not a morning person. My dad just woke me up to prepare. Of course, i already have my list of candidates. I finished my chores first, that is, to cook our meals first, wash the dishes and take a bath.

So i waited for my dad to return from looking for my precinct number. He had already voted so i’m still at home, actually i won’t go out til i know my room number… Bad or just wise? kidding. Ok.

I got my number and went to the school. Good thing is that the school is just near us, just in out the gate and walk one street ahead.. That’s it. I’m on room 308, just the waiting area. For the precinct room is really on room 304. I’ve waited for two hours just in room 308, then another hour to get to room 304. Some people just cheats to get in the line and that was so annoying! Ok. I thought i got into the wrong precinct because on top of the door was number 306, but the real number is written on the paper on the next door. Done waiting in line.

As i entered the room, i feel so excited. This is my first time to vote, and for a national election, an automated election. Well, when i first heard of the word automated, i thought that the election will be done on a touch screen computer and you’ll just pick your candidate on screen. I think i’ve seen that on Heroes where Nathan Petrelli runs for presidency and Micah used his powers to control the machines to make Nathan win. It’s so totally far from reality, is it? Hmmm..

The voting process is ending, i first filled in my signature first then the officer gave me my official ballot sheet then, like the song goes, i shaded the egg-like circles (which i think, are really called ellipses). I think i’m done within two or three minutes, though i haven’t really watched out on my time. I thumb marked my slot then another signature signing, putting an indelible ink on my right index finger, then one last thumb marking, and i’m really done and went home. Thank God! 🙂


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