Book Review: Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

Love is too powerful to hide for very long. Deny it and suffer the consequences. Acknowledge it and suffer the consequences. Revealing it can either be shameful or liberating. It is for others to decide which it will be. –Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley


Charlotte Usher had always dream to be known, or at least noticed. Her dream man, Damen Dylan was about to be her Physics lab partner and had asked her to tutor him when she was choked by a gummy bear that caused her death. She never thought that being dead has some advantage. She learned them step by step and even made decisions unknown to her Dead Ed professor, Mr. Brain. She discovered that she can possess someone’s body and that made a great part to her story. She shared the body with Scarlet, the gothic-punk sister of her idol cheerleader, Petula Kensington. Scarlet enjoyed being out of her body but it turned out that Charlotte can do some things with her body that she’s not supposed to do like signing up for the cheerleading squad, which she passed but then quitted later. Charlotte got a hard time to realize that she’s not suppose to live anymore but rather live like the dead, just like her Dead Ed classmates. Her main goal is to know what she needed to accomplish before ‘moving on’ with them. Later in the story, Scarlet and Charlotte got in a conflict of who between them did Damen really like, they even had this swimming pool event but unfortunately interrupted by Charlotte’s Dead Ed classmate, Prue… which made the school officials find a better place to hold the annual Fall Ball. Things get a little tough between Charlotte and Prue during the party but they get to resolve it with Scarlet’s research on how Prue died. Scarlet and Damen were crowned King and Queen of the Night. Petula, however, planned to embarrass her sister with an air brush paint but the tint landed on Charlotte’s and showed her to the Living. Scarlet explained everything Charlotte has done to make the evening great and that made her be remembered by everyone. Charlotte and the other dead students graduated and finally moved on.


…’tis really a ghost story. Not scary. It’s even funny in its own way. Kinda reminds me of Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. But this story really has a dark aura in it. Just wondered how Scarlet’s the only one who can see Charlotte and the other? It’s not clear to me. Is it because of her goth style? Well, the story’s good.. a teen-ghost-fiction story. šŸ™‚


One thought on “Book Review: Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

  1. tayosijuan says:

    i think many teenage girls out there can relate to this book….
    im gonna buy a copy later.. šŸ™‚

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