Movies Thoughts

Lately, i’m into watching movies…

*Letters to Juliet
*Dear John
*Valentine’s day
*Nightmare on Elm Street
*Shutter Island
*Forrest Gump
*Clash of the Titans
*Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief
*New Moon
*Fantastic Mr. Fox
*Planet 51
*Big Fish

And some of these movies really made me cry a river. Really. The storyline of each story focuses on unique topics and that made each movie i watch special. Unfortunately, after the day i cried, my eyes are swelling so i make sure i watch those tearjerking movies not so often. Personally, i like mystery/horror/love/adventure/animated movies… Hmmm… Ok, what i just don’t like is action films, where they are full of violence, not very child-friendly. If ever i’m gonna make a film or be a star in a movie, i would choose to be casted in a suspense thriller movie, well maybe in a romantic film too. It’s all in my imagination guys. 🙂

Lastly, my all-time movie favorite really is Titanic. I don’t know, rather, it’s hard for me to explain why this movie makes me cry everytime i watch it. Maybe it’s because of a very short love affair that ended in a tragedy, or the accident that lead most of that ship’s passengers to their death. 😦


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