Write it Down

While I’m trying to think of what i will share here in my blog, I took the chance to browse at the pages of The Purpose-Driven Life (by Rick Warren) and see if there’s any topic that I can use.

To say the least, I opened the book to page 308 Day Thirty-Nine: Balancing Your Life with the topic of Writing down your progress in a journal. And the things you’ll read below are from that part.

Write down your progress in a journal

The best way to reinforce your progress in fulfilling God’s purposes for your life is to keep a spiritual journal. This is not a diary of events, but a record of the life lessons you don’t want to forget. The Bible says, “It’s crucial that we keep a firm grip on what we’ve heard so that we don’t drift off.” Hebrews 2:1. We remember what we record.

Writing helps clarify what God is doing in your life. Dawson Trotman used to say, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through your fingertips.” The Bible has several examples of God’s telling people to keep a spiritual journal. It says, “At the LORD’s direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress” Numbers 33:2. Aren’t you glad Moses obeyed God’s command to record Israel’s spiritual journey? If he had been lazy, we would be robbed of the powerful life lessons of the Exodus.

While it’s unlikely that your spiritual journal will be as widely read as Moses’ was, yours is still important. The New International Version says, “Moses recorded the stages in their journey.” Your life is a journey, and a journey deserves a journal. i hope you will write about the stages of your spiritual journey in living a purpose-driven life.

Don’t just write down the pleasant things. As David did, record your doubts, fears, and struggles with God. Our greatest lessons come out of pain, and the Bible says God keeps a record of our tears, Psalm 56:8. Whenever problems occur, remember that God uses them to fulfill all five purposes in your life: Problems force you to focus on God, draw you closer to others in fellowship, build Christlike character, provide you with a ministry, and give you a testimony. Every problem is purpose-driven.

In the middle of a painful experience, the psalmist wrote, “Write down for the coming generation what the LORD has done, so that people not yet born will praise him” Psalm 102:18. You owe it to future generations to preserve the testimony of how God helped you fulfill his purposes on earth. It is a witness that will continue to speak long after you’re in heaven.

NB: I have used this part from The Purpose-Driven Life because I have been asking myself why i still keep on writing at my journal despite the fact that the memories just make me feel nostalgic. Some entries are about success, thankfulness, happiness, and friendships. Others are about trials, failures, people who got hold of me at the wrong end of the stick, and unlikely situations I got into. But still, I keep on writing. And I’m writing to Him, my Savior… JESUS.

May the readers of this post be blessed. All Glory To God Alone. 🙂


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