Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

10/24/10 – Finally finished reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert!

Total Reading Time – 13:14:46

A very good story of finding happiness, balance, love, and God. Liz’s story has been something that is worth knowing. Something that anyone can relate. Just like me. Think I related to each part of her story… Well, maybe not about being a divorced woman but metaphorically. Breaking up and losing someone we love is really really hard. Our heart and mind are battling. Competing each other on which one will win over. Liz is someone to be like a good inspiration. She kept on finding happiness. Yes, happiness is a choice. Sometimes we choose to be happy, sometimes we don’t. But it’s better for the whole world not to be problematic or a worrysome. God is planned something for each of us. He has already written our destiny but we have choices that make our destiny go another way.

She gets to meet alot of friends anywhere she goes. She met Giovannie, Sofie, Guileo and alot more people in Italy and enjoyed eating pasta and learning to speak italian. She lived in an Ashram in India and gets to be close with Richard from Texas, the Plumber/Poet from Australia, and learned to understand Swamiji. And lastly, she found balance when she’s in Indonesia, a small place of Ubud. Reunited with Ketut Liyer, the medicine man, Wayan, and Felipe, her fifty-three year old Brazilian lover.

Many lessons have been learned. Some conflicts had been met but was also resolved. The book is an example of finding a way to see light when you you are enclosed in a box.


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