S8 ch. 2

November 27, 2010–

Ok. I did it again. This time, it’s me who got out of control. I told them i like Dee, and i really like him na nga talaga yata. Before, si Mark ang laging nasa isip ko dahil he’s so mysterious to me. Pero ngaun, si Dee naman. Sakto pang nakipag-palit ng upuan si Anne sa akin. So aun, i’m in between the two. Eh ano naman, Do they like me too? O it’s just me who’s fooling myself again? Making it hard to think things over? Si Raymond naman, parang inuudyukan pa ni Anne na magka-issue about me. Ayoko. Ok. He’s not my type kung sakali. And this is just infatuation. Usapang lasing lang naman yun. Kanila Anne pa tuloy ako napa-tulog. Tas dumating pa boyfriend niya, nahihiya tuloy ako. So next time, if ever, i know na what to do. Be a good girl! Just like what it says here on my phone theme, “i’ll never love again!”.

Pati yata buong love life ko e knwento ko na to them. As in.

Well, i really need God’s guidance about this.

Sira na agad yung high heels ko!


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