S8 ch. 3

Another episode of my life has come.

Eto na, another love life episode? Will i make the same mistake. Will i fall and just find out that no one’s gonna catch me. Mac, Dee, and Mark. Ok. Si Mark, alam qng flirt lng tlga un at nglalambing ba. And siya talaga una k0ng ngs2han wen i arrived at Turbo. And he’s still repeating the same script he’d said to me the first time we met sa mei elevator, “Mark nga pala (sby abot ng kamay to shake hands with me”. Pero this time, for the fourth time na yata, biglang mgbbutt in si Dee and will say something along the lines na parang ayaw niyang pumuporma si Mark to me (which i’m keeping in mind na it’s just a whole-lot-hell-of-a-joke). Xmpre, ako mgugustuhan ni Dee? How?! Why?! And, lastly, don’t bother to think about it anyway.


That’s how they combined my name and Dee’s name. Well, take it as humorous na lang. Pampatanggal antok lang, dba? Ayan, they know na. All of the Turbo Bells alam na yata. Matapos ang issue with Lei, eto namang sa akin. I’m thinking of giving up, but No! I won’t do that. I’ll wait til i become a probi. And in fact, i’m loving what i’m doing. Kaso, mukang mer0n ngang something bad going on with Dee. Don’t rely on that. He’s just playing games with me.

At eto pang isa, si Mac, Gilden Cardona. Aun, he’s also playing games with me. And if he wanted that, i’ll give him what he deserves. Ok, there’s the fact na magpapakatotoo ako taz lolokohin lng pala ako dba? What a waste of time building rapport with him.

As much as i wanted, i don’t want to be involved with these kind of relationships.


Yun nga siguro yun,
“You’d never know what’s coming for you”—The curious case of Benjamin Button

I really don’t know what coming for me, but i’m hoping that it’ll be a good future. A future filled with hopes and success, just like what is said in the Book of Jeremiah.

And so, i finally have gotten over sa super duper past relationship ko and ayan, there’s a whole lot of things about life that’s bothering me again. It’s like dejavu.

Kunsabagay, the world just go round and round. Learn from the mistakes of the past. But what’s even better is learning the mistakes even if you don’t experience it yourself– doing things right on the first time pa lang. Pero me tao bang ganun? Hope i’ll meet him someday. 🙂


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