S8 pt. IV


npngnipan q c d ngaun. Ewn q kung xa un o iba. Bsta, me laptop at ifone yta so i think it’s him nga. Aun, we kissed dw, OMG n tlga. Bkt gnun? Ganun b q ka-obsessed to him? D nmn, db? Pero my heart is beating so fast wen i saw him in my dream. Kc nmn, kc nmn… Hay… Lord, is this right?

*but it’s making me happy.

Ok, dream pt. II

someone wanted to kill me dw, un pla toy gun lng pla. Ewn. Naku nmn, isang love story, isang horror/action dream. Me moment p nga n para dw gs2 qng tumawid ng body of water, ilog yta un? Aun, good thing e ncng nmn aq, un nga lang, antok ulit. Bawi bawi lng ng sleep. Me RDOT kc mea.


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