S8 pt. V


The issue between me and him is getting bigger and deeper (on my part), and i’m becoming so ashamed of what’s happening. Si Chris, itinag sa lahat yta ng symphony 8 guys ung edited pic nmin na me caption png Love is in the Air. At sa pic nmng un e we don’t look like we’re happy– napipilitan lng ba. Hay. I’m really in no mood for love!

kas0, me isang door of something na namang nag-open, Benjie? cnu xa? Knuha ung # q. Una smart bngy q, tz globe dw ang gs2. Aun. C benjie dw ung baklushi sa Cancun pero sbi nman ni Ann, un dw ung mism0ng kmuha nung # q. So?

But before nun, knukuha dn ni D ung # q, smart ung bnbgy q, ayaw… E d qnmn kbsado ung globe, so waley… Bye bye. pg ngtnung uli xa, bgy q ung globe, pero d cguro. Hmp. E anu nmn?

Actually, the truth of the matter is pinanghihinaan na q ng lo0b xe last week n nmin ito for nesting period. Sayang ang mga blooming relationships between symphony guys esp. Turbo bells, and us trainees. So i’m praying to God na please provide nice customers to us who’ll gonna buy our product. And bring back the manual dialing pra m-call back qna ung repitch q at mkabenta sa BoNavista, NL. So Lord, please grant my prayer and hndi n po q mgfFocus sa love life. Promise!

Thanks Lord! 🙂


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