S8 pt. VI

Benjie’s absent today. Don’t know why, ewan. So what? E anu nmn kung hningi nya# q? Wala lng un (keep that in mind). Me mga bgy s mundo n d dpt sery0sohin. Pero yung ky D knina, dpt cry0sohin. It’s kind of a joke na ewan q bt aq prng nsktan. All jokes nmn e half-meant db?Aun.

The joke goes like this: he asked if me cotton buds b dw aq? I said wla, and he asked uli. This time, asar n q. And sbi nia “maglinis ka ng tenga mu”. And that’s my last conversation with him this time.Ewan, me Ardie Tapay aq na gs2 at mer0n dng ayaw. Sa lahat nmn cguro,db?(ng lalaking ngs2han q) aun, it’s so shallow pero i’m hurt by what he’s pointing at. An0? Binge aq in what sense? Na hndi q mrinig na he doesn’t like me? An0? 0, cge knina pa. An0ng sabi nia ky Anne?Na xa nlng j0wain imbes na c arvin?Then tnan0ng ni anne (n alam q nmng biro lng), panu dw aq? An0ng sg0t ng ardie tapay na yan? “e di sby kau”. Bast0s.

Ok. Breathe in, breathe out. Hinga hinga lang. I’m really in no mood for love. Kelangan makaBenta, kelangang ma-probi!

So Lord, i’m praying. Please grant my most requested prayer to you, this job is mine! I know you have given this to me! I know. Please Lord, make us all probies.


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