S8 pt. Xl (second to the last chapter?)


I’ve been to a date?
Date b un? Ok, double date nga cguro.(bkt naiiyak aq ngaun?)

aun, c Reese e no need ng pumas0k mea, wla kc xang approved sales kea hndi n xa pnpapas0k ni mommy A, as f0r me and r0se, aun, very last day na dw 2m.Hmm. How how how. Nid nming mgkr0n ng approved sales, not just sales. Kya yn! Lord, please help us. We want this job so much. Please. Lord, this is the job you have given me, db? So please make both of us probies.

Aun, ngpamasahe knina skn ung isa, tz c benjamin, 2l0y p rn, c D, gnun prn,knuha q nga ung knuha nyang sbitan ng nailcutter q. Trespasser dw? aun, nkwnto q b ung sa mejas? 🙂 khp0n un. nangungulit. NkK2wa nga,e. Playful. Para hndi boring.

Every week, there’s always new issues. Aun. Would this be my last final day at Symphony8?


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