Book Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Main Characters:
Lara Alexandra Lington
Ed Harrison ‘Mr. American Frown’
Sadie Lancaster
William “Uncle Bill” Lington

“Relationships are complicated things, and other people shouldn’t barge in and think they know all about it…”– Lara Lington, Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

When i first read the book’s title, i thought this will be another romantic fiction focusing on a young twenty-something girl,and i was proved half right. Okay, I try to see the whole story based on the title but it never occured to me that it will be about Lara Lington’s dead one hundred and five year-old Great Aunt Sadie. Well, the story is quite good and it keeps me asking why on earth will that ghost want that necklace? And so, as i get to read furthermore, i was (again) touched by a fiction story.

Lara Lington works at L&N Executive Recruitment with her so-called best friend Natalie, who left her doing the work she has to do. The story began with Sadie’s funeral. Lara doesn’t really know her. She just went because it’s a family event. But only six people came: Her parents, her famous Uncle Bill and his wife, and her cousin Diamanté. Oh, seven, her sister Tonya came late. They don’t know anything about her because she spent almost all her later life at the Fairside Nursing Home. Little did Lara know is that Sadie’s ghost can’t go without her final wish: to seek her beaded dragonfly necklace. Lara finds it hard to talk to Sadie especially when alot of people surrounds her so she uses her mobile phone as a camouflage. Sadie was such a very funny and active young ghost, her appearance was like that when she was only twenty-three. She likes to dance and still sticks to the flapper image of the nineteen twenties. She’s a ghost but she wears beautiful frocks, she’ll just think of it and she’s wearing it at that instant, but she can’t touch things, and only Lara can see and hear her clearly. She can yell at other people’s mind and tell them to do what she said just like what she did with Ed, Josh and some other characters in the story. She and Lara became a team. She was the one who told Lara to ask Ed on a date for her. She made Lara dress like her, wearing the twenties frock, shoes, headdress, bag, and even the indelible make up. She likes to dance so she made Lara dance with Ed on their first date. She likes the charleston so much and even put Lara and Ed to a dance lesson. Eventually, Lara get to know her Great Aunt Sadie, her hobbies, her expressions (tally-ho!, Barney mugging!), even her love life. It was said that when she wore the necklace, she felt beautifully divine. A lover named Stephen Nettleton once painted her with that necklace, but they’ve been separated. She waited but Stephen had been sent to France, leaving her the portrait he made. She sent him letters but there was no reply. And so she got herself married to the Waistcoat Guy but they’ve divorced, with no children. She’s not happy and she still waited for Stephen to come back.

Sadie’s love life is like waiting for an answer to a question. But Lara didn’t want the same thing to happen to her so she uses Sadie to know what her ex-boyfriend Josh is thinking about her. She even planned bumping with Josh on her way to his office, and that’s when they got back together. But it was terrible. Sadie keeps on telling Lara that he’s just a puppet, listening to whatever Sadie’s yelling at his head. And when she’s proved right, Lara’s the one to break it all up with Josh, leaving him with his plans to start up a zoo and have six kids, be a scientist and retrain in astrophysics. Lara and Sadie really got a hard moment at that time and Lara didn’t tell her that she’s going out with Ed to tour him in London, she said she’ll be with Josh to work things between them. When Lara and Ed got to London Eye, things just become romantic and they kissed, not knowing that Sadie saw them. This made her angry and just vanished, leaving Lara baffled where she might have been. She looks for her at the Fairside Nursing Home, at the Cinemas (because Sadie get to watch movies for free!), at the vintage shops but she didn’t see her. Somebody told her that there’s no place like home and it came to her that Sadie might be at her burned house in Archbury but she’s still not found there. Lara’s about to go home when she went inside the vicar’s old home which is now a museum. Sadie told her that Stephen was the vicar’s son. Artworks have been displayed and books are sold about the artist named Cecil Malory and she’s told that Cecil and Stephen were the same person she’s asking about and that there’s this special portrait that is the only portrait that he made. And that was when she found the portrait of Sadie with the dragonfly necklace. However, it was only a replica. The real portrait was hanging at the London Portrait Gallery, and she was informed that someone sold it to them anonymously in 1982. It was Sadie’s and she must find out who sold it at the gallery. As she passed by the London Eye, she remembers that Ed and her was supposed to be there and join the twenties parade. On the stage, dancing with the others, she saw Sadie. They talked and got well together again and she’s suprised to see Ed was there. Sadie shouted at him to come. She told Sadie the details about what she just found out about the painting and her lover, Stephen. And as Ed sees her, she just speak with Ed but really is sending her message to Sadie. T


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