S8 pt. 17

It’s been a month na since nging probi aq. Twice na qng nkktnggap ng salary ko and nkbili nrn ng new ph0nes. Aun, nxt tym save na talaga. Budget budget budget.

Marami na ring happenings. At me mga bgy na msakit isipin ngunit kelangan tnggapin. Katulad na lng ng ma-yero ung hinliliit q sa paa. Pero ok n xa ngaun, ngdikit na uli. 🙂

seriously, mahirap ang outbound. 3 approved sales plng aq this January, next month kea? Aun. kaya yn! Bsta, ky Lord hihingi ng sales! Kaso, eto aq, hndi ngbblik ng tama. Hay… Anu dpt q gwin? pero, waley…

January is almost done, a New month is to come. Welcome February. Welcome month of Love. alrighty… No real love life for now. For almost a year. Hehe…

i don’t need a man! — as for now. 🙂


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