S8. Pt. XVIII (Happy February! Happy february?)


stay… i missed you.

How does one heart know that it’s really in love? How does it know that it has fallen in love?

Love. love. love.

Just a short four-letter one-syllable word, yet all humans here on Earth learned to use it.

Am i a slut?
I hate that word, dhil i think i’m becoming one. Wg nmn sna.
Me iba n nmn aqng gs2. Hndi n nkuntento,n0h?
Bkt kc ang cute cute mu?! At pg nkikita kita, ntatawa nq kgd… Patay. Parang me someone nqng ngs2han dhl dun dti… And the story ended badly. Will this new episode of my life gonna end badly too? Go with the flow to survive. Ganyan nmn tlga sa buhay na to.

Learn to play the game. Don’t ever look back sings Katy Perry nga. Does it mean mali ang salawikain nting:
“ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hndi mkkarating sa paroroonan”?

i like him? i like him not? i like him! But i know, he doesn’t like me, that’s better.

*sayang nag-NI, tan0ng pa kc about cancellation,e. Oh my.
Gnian tlga, some say yes, most will say no. Like sa Love. I’d rather be with the one i love, than with someone who loves me. mahirap pilitin ang puso. Ang drama na.

If your SOMEONE loves SOMEONE, and that SOMEONE loves another SOMEONE, still love that SOMEONE as before. Because time will come, that your SOMEONE will realize that your not just a SOMEONE, but you’re the ONE!”

*i miss xhia. i still think of him.


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