I’m crying. Letting out all the stress that i’m keeping for so long. How long? Sandali pa lang nmn cguro tlga ung tym n dmdaan pero xmpre, kpg stress na stress at you’re not enjoying with what you’re doing, time seems to be so slow. Npkbgal kht pilit na gust0ng pbilisin.

What aspects in my life ba aq nsstress?

Unang una sa list, 0o na e sa w0rk. Take the fact na cge, we need to help solo team to reach their quota. Pero what’s happening? Hndi aq mkbenta. Two weeks? Three weeks? Kmkalat pa ang rumor na Turbo will never be back. I miss my real campaign.Kea knina, wen i surf the net, nbisita qng muli ang j0bsdb account q. At un, me opening for inbound accounts s vxi at ibm so i passed my resume online,in-update qnrn. As much as i want to, i want to stay. Pero pnu q mgsstay kung d aq mkbenta,db? Wat’s the sense? I know, God has given me this job. I didn’t notice, i didn’t care. So one of these days, i won’t be afraid of doing these things. goodbye’s the word. I wanna let out what i really feel. I feel like i’m not deserving, of anything.

“I want to be in a surrounding that feels like home, not just somewhere that looks like i belong. — Quinn Fabray (Glee season 1)

yeah, this really is my way of letting out my stress. Super stressed. My day feels like a monotonous routine. I feel like i’m a hamster inside a cage. Do this, do that. And when i’m home, i feel like i’m missing something,

may God bless the broken road that will lead me straight to you… 🙂


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