Movies. Novels. Fictions. I love them all. As i’ve been saying long before, i feel like i’m the heroine of my own story. Of course, i am. Who else can it be?

But yes, of course, my own story isn’t perfect. It’s not always a beautiful story to read on. I am the decision-maker and i don’t always make right decisions. Out of 10, maybe i only make 3? So low percentage but that’s true. I don’t wanna be pessimistic but that’s really is it and i don’t know. Maybe i’m just entering a new phase of my life. Like always. Got to overcome this stage.

Yeah, i just recently watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World and it’s so great. I mean, i like Scott’s character who fights for the one he loves, which is Ramona Flowers, though his love life isn’t that perfect, too. Of course, those kind of stories can only be found in comic books and movies. That simple. But complicated.


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