Enough to have you in My Dreams

For did my dreams come true when i look at you… I’m overjoyed.

For a long time, i dreamt of you again. Last night, i was thinking of you because i say your FB status. Oh no, it was a tagged picture of you, yes. Your FB status, i’ve seen this morning. Yes, that’s right. I haven’t thought of you for a long time.

My dream felt so real, just like any of my dreams. It’s like we’re in school. With my HS best friend, she’s the one you talked to. I was like invisible. Then, someone took me and offered to buy me ice cream, if i remember it right. He’s cute, but i can’t remember what he looked like. Yes, you noticed me once i gave up trying for you to notice me. That’s only in my dream. Haven’t tried it in reality. Not for now, not anymore. It feels like there’s a big gap between us. We’re FB friends yet not in real life. Just to add alot of friends for the benefit of my games. Yes that’s right. This life feels like a dream.

Life is so short. We’ll never know when will be the end of our story. Right. I don’t have a plan. That’s the truth. I don’t want to plan. Come what may. Dreaming feels so good, especially when You are a part of it. I’m satisfied. Just to have you in my dreams, it’s enough. You are my best love story.


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