by Jerry Spinelli

April 22, 2011

Main Characters:
Susan Julia ‘Stargirl’ Caraway
Leo Borlock

Stargirl (Novel)

Finally finished reading Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl. This story focuses on how Leo moved from Pennsylvania to Arizonoa, once receivin a porcupine tie on his birthday from an anonymous giver, and get to know Stargirl, the new girl in Mica High School, and how he falls in love with her, to accept her originality and how she’s true to herself and how she values other people. They encounter problems such as Stargirl finding ways to be accepted by their school mates, being popular, being true to himself.

All of those happened during their high school days. Stargirl became the basketball team’s cheerleader but because she cheers for both teams, and when their team lose, she’s been out of cheerleading. She also became ‘normal’ due to Leo’s advices but it failed. She joins the oratorical contest and won the grand prize, yet she has not been congratulated by her school unlike what she’s imagined. She was last seen at their octillio ball where Leo didn’t attended but is just watching from afar. That’s where Stargirl is again accepted by her Schoolmates and is also the last place she’s seen.


This story is such an original. Being Stargirl, who is the Protagonist, and Leo, who is the Storyteller, are the center of the story. Leo, being a part of ‘them’ became an individual who has his own characteristics just what Stargirl is. Although throughout the story they are finding acceptance in the sense of being like the others, they realize that being true to yourself, being original, contented, especially for Leo, is the best thing to do.

The story ended fifteen years after the octillio ball. Leo hasn’t married yet, realizing all Stargirls effects in Mica High School and at their place, when on his birthday, he again receives a porcupine tie with an anonymous giver, yet he knows where it came from, from Stargirl. 🙂


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