Something New, Something Boring :c

I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m living again a life that i had before, a boring, unproductive life. I can live a day without even going outside of our house. Ah yeah, i did went out for two days. My grandma and I went to my grandpa’s (her brother) burial in Pampanga. It’s such a very boring visit, really. If we hadn’t gone to the other house, maybe i will not be going out of the house where we had stayed. Yes, i know it’s a burial and there’s isn’t supposed to be fun (any reason?) but the point is that we came a very long way to get there and can’t i even speak a single word to anyone? I really can’t because no one’s talking to me! Good thing i got my camera and phone with me so i can enjoy taking pictures, of who else, of the people who went to the ceremony.

Enough of that. I feel really bored that’s why i’m looking for ways to entertain myself. Exploring unexplored websites, viewing entertaining pictures, downloading music and video… It’s has been a routine for me already and i don’t wanna stay on that. No, please. Help me.

And just recently, a while ago i think, i tried something new on me. It kinda hurt but the pleasure is there. Satisfaction is what i want. Good thing i felt like i’m satisfied or i’ll not be done. It’s all in the mind.

*Imagination is endless.*


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