journal entry for 050511

May 5, 2011
in my bedroom

Dear Jesus,

Thank you Lord for this wonderful day. ‘Wonderful’ in the sense na another day has been given for me to live and witness your beautiful blessings. Yesterday e galing si papa sa isang pastor’s meeting at Life Giver Church. When he went home, me dala na xang book and a file of paper about 10-page long. He told me to read that one. I hesitated for a moment thinking that it will just be another waste of time to read something that long. Ayun, i became interested once i knew what the file is all about. It was about a girl from Ecuador whom God has given a chance to visit Hell and Heaven for 23 hours. God had given her a mission to evanglize to all people that Hell is real and to repent and go back to the old path. She described what she had seen on her journey. Jesus is with her during that time and she even saw many known people like Selena, Michael Jackson, and even Pope John Paul II.

I finished reading the file and when i still have the time, i visited the homepage of the website indicated on it. There are also many other file about witnessing that Heaven and Hell are real by many different people from different races.

That’s was yesterday. I believe that what i have read are all true and that Jesus is the only way for us to be saved from sin and to be with Him in Heaven. I know that Hell is real. God created it for satan and the demons, but it was not meant for God’s people. Repentance is a very deep word, an act to turn away from sin and know that we are all sinner and go back to the old path, to God who is the one to be worshipped alone. The end is near. There is no more time to be double-minded about salvation. It is not a game.

For this day, it has been a very hot day. Maybe tomorrow i’ll wash my laundry if i can. Aun, um-attend aq ng Bible Study kna Tita Eva,me sopas at Gelatin. Yum. 🙂 the topic was “Magpapatuloy ka ba talaga?” (Will you really continue?). Ouch. Sakto. Gnun naman tlga ang Word of God. Pg di aq nasaktan, wala ng epekto skn ibg sbhn, i’m glad i’m hit by His Word and that means that He has a message for me. Let His will be done for me.

Lord, thank You. I Love You and i know You Love me, too. Bless my family, my parents, my relatives, my church mates, my friends. All the earthlings. 🙂

Salamat po Lord God dhil You alone are the God who saves, because IKAW lng nmn po tlga ang Diyos na Buhay. Salamat po. 🙂

——* Melody J. Mular


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