Underneathe His Hand

by someone you don’t know

Underneathe my blanket, i hide myself.
I keep myself from all the things that might cause me to lose who i am.
Underneathe these fabrics lies someone you don’t know,
someone who knows all of us yet someone we don’t know at all

Underneathe my hiding place i long to see,
to touch, to taste what success might be
i’ve been through many downfalls so many times before,
and yet i can still stand tall, proud to say that i’ve passed them all.

Underneathe this thing hides an unknown beauty,
with a voice so sweet, all throughout the night and day restlessly humming a melody.

It is i that have been all along underneathe this blanket.
Hiding myself, not wanting anyone to see, just how weak i might be.
I want to be strong, i need strength to rest upon.
And i’m so thankful that i have found the one whom i can lean upon.

It is You oh Lord, my Savior, my God.
It is You who have been covering me all along with Your mighty hands.
It is Your hand that has been my blanket,
all through out the day and all through out the night.


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