Journal entry 071311

Dear Jesus,

thanks for this wonderful day, Lord. Although i’m feeling like this is becoming like a routine that’ll soon will bore me, i’m still grateful that You’re giving me a chance to live this wonderful day that You are continuously lending us. Thank You rin po kasi i still have a life to live, air to breathe, heart to beat, and my family to love. thanks po so much and i believe in the plans that You have for me. Thank you po. Sa masarap na pagkain na inihahanda ni pb every day and sa mga kwentong patuloy naming napagkekwentuhan. Thank you Lord. I-bless niyo po ang family namin at guide and protect Niyo po si Mama sa abroad. Thank You Lord!

I love You and thank for loving me, too. 🙂

Me 🙂


One thought on “Journal entry 071311

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