journal entry 072311 @4am!

Ok. So since i stayed up this late (or rather, still being awake this early) i’ll make this time fruitful by making an entry to my blog.

So, what productive thing have i done these passed few days? Well, i finished doing my laundry and i also cleaned up our closets. Should’ve lose a pound or two but No. I don’t think i’m losing weight. It’s like i’m even feeling myself become heavier. The reason is that i didn’t go out (literally). I didn’t go out this week. Not even going beyond our gate. I’m not imprisoned but that’s just me. Not wanting to go far beyond 10 meters away out the door.

So i think that’ll happen again after Sunday. I’m becoming bored by this nonstop routine but if i’ll keep on thinking about those kinds of stuff, i’ll really might be bored to death.

Ok, so time to doze to sleep. I’m wishing that i’ll be dreaming a good dream for this late sleeping of mine.
(hearing the chickens crow already)





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