eating out anger

my bowl of oats i hate my life. I hate how this one turned out this way. I’m not blaming God (maybe, i don’t know). I’m just angry that’s why i’m saying these things. See, it’s raining and i hate when it rains. And when i’m angry, i tend to eat alot, but still i’m eating slowly that’s why i’m not yet finish writing this post.

I’m such a loser, such a quitter. I’m all messed up. I’m not clean. I’m dirty. I’m all the negative things that you may think of. I’m a cry baby. I’m immature. I don’t learn from the mistakes i’ve encountered in my life. These 21 years of my life, what have i done right? I’m the great pretender. But who am i fooling? Myself. All alone, just me. It hurts when i think of when i’m angry, because there’s a line that brings me to think of much worse things.

But at this moment, i should just keep my mouth shut and be still. I’ll just take a quiet time thinking of what God has planned for me. Give thanks to all that He’s giving me and be contented where He has placed me here on Earth.

“just think that you are more fortunate than someone else who aren’t”— my h.s. Adviser used to tell us. That’s not being proud, but it just encourage those depressed people, like me, to be grateful how God created each of us.

So, my anger had faded away and i’m now ready to continue eating my bowl of oats. Thank you Lord for letting me realize that one.



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