11.15.11 — :):

Pizza for our Team! Pizza for me? what’s with the ‘apir’? You’re just confusing me. Stop doing that or else, i will fall… Fall for nothing. I dreamt about you last night. I know it’s you, twice actually. And now, i’ve forgotten what those dreams were about. All i know is that you’re with me.

I know it’s just me. I don’t know anything about you, all else are just hearsays. So, what if your name’s like all my other ex-es? it’s not a big deal, though. There’s really something about that name. Just the sound of it, just by hearing someone’s named like that gives me a certain curiosity. Been there, done that- just like what they say.

One is enough. Two is too much. Three is a poison. Will there be a fourth? No, he’s already commited. Happy for them. Oh my, this is a sign. Sign of…

*deep breath*


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