11.18.11 — constant change

i realized one thing is true: change is the only constant thing in this world. Constant change in life, in love, in work, in every aspect of our human being.

I’ve been looking for someone all through out this period of my life, but then no one comes. I quit looking. All i see are not qualified. Can’t force myself. Don’t look at the wrong place. Where will i? Don’t find it, i will find you.

If you don’t have a love life, then LOVE life. I’ll love my family more, my work more, my friends more, and most especially i will Love God more. Although it’s been quite a routine or a cycle, but i’ll never quit praising Him. I may stop for a second or for how long, but i will still continue. He’s the One who doesn’t change. He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. For whatever problems we may have, it’s just a prayer away to reach Him.

That name. Can i just fall in love with another name? Ano un? In love ako sa pangalan, hindi sa tao? Personality. Plus points. Humor, plus points. Looks, plus points.


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