120911 new post

New post. What should i write about this time? Since i’ve been awake, i’ll use this time to write another post here on my world. And now that i’m already typing the words, i think that i’m having a writer’s block. Too many subjects to tackle about when i’m thinking, but when i’m already doing this draft, all i can think about are random words. So, where will i actually begin?

Let’s begin on a cold early morning of the 9th of December, when this little lady is drinking her cup of hot milk… Haha. That’s me!

oh well, i’m feeling sleepy again. Am i? When i was asleep awhile ago, i was dreaming about an action-horror scene. Quite scary but i can’t remember the whole story now. All i can remember is that there are people chasing me?, or rather someone else. And then i woke up feeling hungry, realizing i didn’t eat my dinner. I also posted what’s on my mind on facebook, and checked notifications from him. But all he replied to my post is “s’drmz..”. I wanted to comment “that’s all?!” but instead i thanked him and leave that site. And so that’s why i’m drinking my milk right now. And it’s already done. Well, i’ll get back to sleep and maybe dream of him. 🙂


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