012212 — Tayo pero Kayo (Mean Girl)

Ambilis. In one week, so many things changed. Gusto kita. Gustong gustong gusto kita. Maraming na-confirmed, pero marami paring malabo. Tayo pero kayo. So, ano ako? Kabit? No. Isa lng akong dakilang daydreamer.

“oh you could just pretend to be with him all day, remember the feeling when you first held hands today..”

four nights of love. You held me close to your heart. So close that i never will want to leave. Pero just like what the lines of the song go…

“You gotta be prepared to leave him in your fantasy cuz when it’s over, you gotta make sure that it’s you who’ll be with him..”

isang pangarap na natupad. Pero for on hold pending disconnection needed 1st pa. Bakit ang unfair ng buhay… Isa na namang Michael. Ako din ang kawawa. Siya na iniwan ng four times, ako 2 pa lang? Ok, make that 3, unofficially.

“pangarap lang kita”

badtrip kung badtrip.


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